Canon’s PIXMA PRO Inkjet Printers: What To Know Before You Buy

Hannah K

Canon’s PIXMA PRO Inkjet Printers: What To Know Before You Buy

As the holiday season comes around, you need to be thinking about what to buy all of the special people in your life. But, as is human nature, when you’re perusing through gift ideas for others, you can’t help but think about what you want for yourself.

For photography enthusiasts, whether they are professionals or amateurs, cameras and lenses always come to mind. But what shouldn’t be forgotten are printers, because a picture is only as good as the printer that reproduces it.

Upgrading to an inkjet printer is essential for any photographer, so all those looking to buy themselves something special this holiday season should definitely keep an inkjet printer in mind. But the question now is: what inkjet printer is right for you?

Well, we’re going to make things easy for you and provide a brief breakdown of Canon’s PIXMA PRO line of inkjet printers. Suitable for everyone from amateurs to professionals, there’s a PIXMA PRO for just about anyone. Check out which one would be best suited for your needs below.

PIXMA PRO-100: To Get Things Started

All inkjet printers are designed to be used by individuals with more advanced photography skills or printing needs. But if there was an “entry level” level inkjet printer, than the PIXMA PRO-100 would be the device. Boasting more than 6000 nozzles, the PRO-100 offers amazing image output and can reproduce photos exactly how you want them. If you’re looking for a way to enlarge your personal photos, or even create pieces of multimedia to use at work or home, then the PRO-100 is a great option for those looking to upgrade to an inkjet printer.

PIXMA PRO-10: The Optimal Middle Ground

Any working photographer, designer, or anyone in the creative industry will love the versatility and precision afforded by the PIXMA PRO-100. Capable of reproducing a broad range of photographic still and pieces of media, the PRO-10 is perfect for graphic design and imaging professionals of any sort. Paired with the right paper, the PRO-10 can easily print images ready for any art gallery or studio in a moment’s notice. And with the printer’s 10-colour LUCIA pigment ink system, which utilizes three different black inks for stellar monochrome images, you’ll be amazed at the level of definition the PRO-10 can create.

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PIXMA PRO-1: When You Want The Top Of The Line

If you really want the best imaging and productivity available, then the PIXMA PRO-1 is the inkjet printer for you. Designed with creative professionals in mind, the PRO-1’s 12, 285 nozzles (giving every single colour a dedicated 1024 nozzles) print off images that are of high-end art gallery or museum caliber. From camera to paper, you’ll be amazed at just how faithfully the PRO-1 is able to reproduce an image. Plus, with the printer’s 12 LUCIA pigment ink system, which allows for increased colour saturation and darker blacks, every single print will have an unrivalled level of definition, to the point that every image is near-lifelike.

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