Cloud Based Technology is Changing Multiple Industries

Hannah K

Cloud Based Technology is Changing Multiple Industries

People who have experience in the business field understand that technology has changed the way that numerous industries operate. The internet has given people the ability to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time. The internet has evolved over the past few decades to include a sector called the cloud. For people who don’t know, the cloud is a virtual space that allows people to back up their files and share their files with people of their choosing. What are some of the ways that the cloud has changed the way businesses and corporations operate?

1. Cloud-Based Technology has Decreased Costs

In prior decades, people used to have to back up their files to physical hard drives that were stored in the physical office space. This means that this extra hardware was incredibly expensive and took up space in the office. Now, people can back up their files to the cloud. Because the cloud is a virtual space, it doesn’t take up any extra space in the office. Furthermore, the cloud is significantly cheaper than purchasing a second set of hardware. For example, people used to have to purchase extra phone lines to run a call center. With the cloud, people can actually run a cloud based call center that doesn’t require any additional phone lines. This saves money.

2. Cloud Based Technology Has Improved Storage Capacity

Some businesses are bigger than others and many businesses have to backup massive amounts of data. Sometimes, businesses would have to pick and choose what files to backup and save because they simply didn’t have the hardware capacity to save everything. The cloud is an infinite virtual space where companies can save an almost unlimited amount of data. Companies are even using the cloud to record information that they never dreamed of recording in the past. For example, many companies are recording phone calls on a cloud based call center that they didn’t record before. This allows businesses to monitor what happens in their call centers to improve their services down the line.

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3. Cloud Based Technology leads to Improved Cyber Security

One of the side effects of the cloud is that companies are able to share files instantly with people all over the world. These were files that used to have to be shared via multiple email attachments. Because the cloud is open enough to share with a global audience, the cloud is also vulnerable to cyber-attack. This has led to improved cyber security measures for businesses all over the world. This means that companies operating a cloud based call center can let their customers know that their information is safer than ever before due to the most advanced cyber security technology on the market.

The cloud has changed the way that businesses operate. It has numerous benefits that many companies will find useful.

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