Hosted Exchange: Why It Is a Good Choice Over In-House Exchange

Hannah K

Hosted Exchange: Why It Is a Good Choice Over In-House Exchange

Maintenance accounts for almost 65 percent of the cost of in-house exchange. Strategically, email is a utility that is comparable to having a dedicated contact number. Deploying and managing such non-revenue generating system takes resources and time away from more strategic goals and objectives.  To deliver email more reliably and efficiently, a lot of business IT shops turn to the cloud for exchange. Cloud virtual servers and exchange provides many benefits around a company. Here are the reasons why.


Research has shown that businesses can save $70 out of every $100 they spend on email by transferring from an in-house exchange deployment to a hosted exchange solution. Together with the cost savings, there is predictable per-mailbox pricing which mitigates the increase of price to expand systems in order to accommodate business growth, implement more measures or upgrades and run during a disaster.


Enterprise email systems boast 99.7% average uptime and a little over days ever year of downtime. Hosted exchange provides 99% uptime and less than one hour every year. On top of savings, around 3 days of downtime per year, a business can also benefit from avoiding company productivity disruptions which come with unplanned downtime. The hosted exchange’s dependability benefits include the ability to deal with power outage or natural disasters ensuring no loss of access to email will occur.


Hosted exchange is composed of a team of email experts who work behind the messaging system handling admin tasks such as virus/spam protection, remote and mobile access, backups, patches and upgrades. This offers more time for your own IT teams to perform the strategic work which generates revenue rather than just keep the servers humming. A hosted Microsoft exchange system allows IT team to have one phone number to call to get instant answers in case they have a question around email rather than paying expensive consultants or digging through manuals.

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