Social Media and Identity Theft

Hannah K

Social Media and Identity Theft

Social media is something that is increasingly becoming a part of people’s life. People share posts on social media where much of their personal and day-to-day happenings are revealed. Now, this can be dangerous for you and may turn into bread and butter for the identity thief. People share so much in social media and without thinking of unintended consequences that chances of them to become victim of identity theft through the social media platform indeed becomes much more probable.

So it is extremely important for you to think twice about the pros and cons before posting and sharing on social media platforms because it is by far the easiest way for an identity thief to hack in to accounts or impersonate you through the use of internet than any other means. This could be disastrous for you as with your identity being stolen you could be facing some serious problems like embarrassments, great inconvenience and even legal problems.

The outcome of this is definitely devastating. It affects you multifariously as you encounter financial loss, takes out a lot of time out of your life in solving the damage done and leave you distressed. Another extremely vital aspect is to set your security questions and their answers and the passwords intelligently and smartly. It needs to be understood that though maintaining easy security questions and answers and passwords make it convenient for us to manage things easily but they have a utility and a substantial role to play in ensuring our account and information security.

So they should be properly channelized to ensure our protection from hackers and identity thieves. Hence, you should always go for strong and complex passwords which include upper case and lower case alphabets, numbers and special characters as well. The same password should not be used for any other account. It means there should be a password for each account you use. Although seemingly difficult, it is not that hard if and when done smartly.

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Another easy to protect your identity is by choosing LifeLock. It will bulletproof your online identity and protect you from online assault. Read some LifeLock identity theft reviews to gather insiders’ information about this amazing application.

Information such as date of birth when revealed by one in full in Facebook gives a total view of your exact age which can be detrimental for you and a feast for the identity thieves. By doing a public search record the street you grew up could be known. Things like high-school are also easily available and can be figured out on Facebook. And slowly but gradually by scrolling through your posts a lot of information about you can be gained.

It doesn’t take long for that. So you are inviting yourself voluntarily to a lot of potential risk of your identity getting stolen whenever you share too much on the personal front on social media websites. So be absolutely circumspect while you share that what you are sharing and how much you are sharing. Social media is indeed a great platform to stay in touch with your near and dear ones, re-establish old contacts and many more great things to do but with it there may come a lot of risk and potential problem for you in your identity getting stolen. So do be careful and play safe in social media while you enjoy the features of it doing posting, sharing and other activities.

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