Website Design Trends to Learn to Have an Idea of What’s Coming in the Future

Hannah K

Website Design Trends to Learn to Have an Idea of What’s Coming in the Future

Are you looking to have a new website? Studies show that an attractive site or logo offers more impact to people who see it. Perhaps you pick your graphics for a certain impact, making plans and discussions about your promotional materials many months in advance.

As you do that, it is important to realize that although a number of design paradigms will not go away, trends still change. What worked years ago are unlikely to have the same effect on customers today so you have to adjust to the times.  Because of this, here are some WordPress design trends that can make a difference in how your website attracts customers in the future.

Semi-Flat Design Principles

Microsoft and Apple exploded flat design in late 2013 and early 2014. This morphed into a flat-ish design that combines flat elements and real-world improvements. We can expect to see more of this in the future.

Better Fonts and Other Typo Concepts

Adobe’s Typekit web fonts and Google’s Web Fonts have enabled website designers to integrate better typography into their site pages. Using better visual hierarchy, making a stronger statement and using more unique fonts must become the standard instead of the exception to the rule.

Big, Bold and Nice Images

In 2015, high quality images made a huge jump into web and logo design. as free unique stock image websites and faster broadband speeds proliferated, higher quality images are seen which really captured the attention of people. People like large and beautiful images so there will be more of these designs in the future.

Rich Content Storytelling

The internet enables to have to have creative visual experiences which evoke emotion within long form content and articles and the major media players have realized the potential. Storytelling has become more visual, intimate and convergent and this trend is expected to continue.

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Hand-Drawn Illustrations and Imagery

Through the years, small illustrations have emerged; however, bigger hand-drawn imagery is expected to come. With pleasing colors, strong fonts and big images becoming standard, website designers are expected to differentiate themselves. This can be accomplished by using unique hand-drawn illustrations.

Cinemagraphic Wonders

To make a website design stand out, designers will need to go one step beyond pure image or video and go into something harder to make; however, more capable of interactive storytelling. The new version of animated GIFS known as cinemagraphs will be more unique than anything else stock photos or video can offer.

Background Video

As broadband speeds get faster today, people can expect video footage to appear as they first load a site page. Background video is expected to explored into more web pages as the video’s rich experience will show a company’s soul. Ambient, ethereal and subtle videos which do not get in the way of the site content are expected to become more prevalent.

Magical Realism

Magic Leap captured our imagination and attention with only a few photo mockup and good news coverage. Because of the availability of technology and a sense of wonder, our imagination can become real in design.

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