Deciding Between Part or Full-Time Online IT Coursework

Hannah K

Deciding Between Part or Full-Time Online IT Coursework

Now that you have decided to take IT classes online, the next step is to decide whether part or full-time coursework is the best path to take. There are several factors that should affect your decision, and you should weigh them carefully before pursuing your online certificate or degree.

Financial Aid and Tuition

Once you have chosen a school, find out exactly what the charges are per credit hour or course. Some schools charge by the course, but once you hit a certain number of classes, tuition becomes a flat rate. Some financial aid packages and loans are also available only to full-time students, or those taking a certain number of credit hours. While you may not have foreseen taking IT classes online full-time, that may be the best financial option for you and your family.

Outside Responsibilities

Taking online IT courses can take a significant investment of your time if you wish to excel, and so you should consider family, work, and other responsibilities before you decide how many courses to take. While it may not sound like an easy task, it is easier to both work and attend school full-time when taking courses online as opposed to at a brick and mortar school. If there is no rush to get your degree or certificate, or you don’t want to take too much time away from your family, part-time coursework might be the best fit. Just be sure that whatever your decision, that you feel completely comfortable with it.

Time to Completion

There are several reasons people want to finish their online IT classes as quickly as possible. Some need that coursework in order to get a promotion, or to apply for new jobs that require degrees or certificates. Others go full-time in order to limit the amount of time their families are affected by continued schooling. If you are taking IT courses online so that you can better manage your own business or personal interests, the number of courses you take should fit into your overall goals.

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Ultimately, you should decide between full and part-time online IT classes that best work for you and your family. If too many classes are a burden it will be difficult to concentrate on your classes and do good work. If you take too few courses, you may not reach other goals, such as getting a promotion at work or launching your own business. You may start part-time to figure all this out, then realize that full-time is the best fit. Regardless of how you start, the point is that you started your online IT courses, and if you stick with it you will reach your goals.

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